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Natural Bladder Control Supplement

An overactive bladder is one of the common problems as you grow older. It is also known as urge incontinence or involuntary release of urine from your body. Many people suffer from this problem. It can cause a lot of troubles and may interrupt your daily life and work.

If you have trouble beginning to urinate, you feel fullness even after you urinate, your urine stream gets constantly weaker, or you regularly get up in the middle of the night to urinate, then you seriously need to take care of your bladder health.

Loss of bladder control is often caused by involuntary bladder contractions and weak pelvic muscles. You need a natural supplement that helps strengthen the bladder muscles while having a calming effect on the bladder.

Flotrol is all-natural overactive bladder supplement that allows you to take control of your life from problems that are associated with having bladder problems. It is capable of strengthening the bladder muscles, causing relief from serious issues.

Herbal treatment Natural Bladder Control Supplement Natural supplement
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Flotrol is a natural bladder control supplement to help treat an overactive bladder for people of any age. It is a safe remedy for urinary incontinence and bladder over-activity. This herbal dietary supplement will help you strengthen the muscles of your bladder and calming it.

It is made up of natural ingredients that are known to cure this problem. It puts together lipid-free pumpkin seed extract and soy germ extract. Pumpkin seed extract helps in strengthening the bladder muscles, allowing a better control of the urine elimination. The ability of the pumpkin extract to render the muscular contracting-relaxing pattern is doubled by the presence of the soy germ extract.

Benefits of Flotrol

Strengthen and tone bladder muscles
Calm bladder while improving urinary flow
Prevent discomfort during urination
Sooth cramps and inflammation
Reduce an enlarged prostate
Clinically proven natural ingredients
No prescription needed to use this product

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is overactive bladder?

Overactive bladder is a condition where a person feels urge to urinate even if there is very less or no urine in the bladder with or without urine incontinence. This happens due to sudden and involuntary contraction of the bladder muscles. Some experts also relate this condition with frequency which means that a person has urge to urinate more than 8 times a day. Though this condition can occur at any age but it is more prevalent among old age people and particularly amongst females however the loss of bladder control shall not be treated as a normal part of ageing.

What are the causes of loss of bladder control?

Loss of bladder control mainly occurs due to malfunctioning of nerves and muscles of the bladder. Detrusor is the muscle that contracts when nervous system signals about the quantity of the urine present in the bladder, normally this signal is passed when 300 cc of urine is accumulated in the bladder. The sphincter muscles at the opening of the bladder can control the urine for longer duration. When detrusor muscles contract with or without urine presence in the bladder it causes sudden urge to urinate and it can happen several times in a day which is called as overactive bladder. Sometimes the muscles of sphincter get weak and allow urine to pass through to create urine incontinence too along with overactive bladder.

The problem of overactive bladder occurs due to problems related to nerves and muscles of the bladder but sometimes this condition may occur due to other reasons even in a healthy nervous system. Kidney stones, urinary bladder stones, urinary bladder tumor or urinary tract infections can also cause loss of bladder control. However it has been noted that in large number of cases no apparent causes for overactive bladder can be identified. Diseases like Parkinson, diabetes, dementia and multiple sclerosis can cause overactive bladder. Spinal chord injuries and stroke also promote this problem as nervous system and muscle control in such conditions get weaker. Surgery of prostrate gland, multiple pregnancies is other causes of overactive bladder.

What are the symptoms of loss of bladder control?

Frequent urge to urinate is the primary symptom of loss of bladder control, the urge may be with the presence of urine or very little amount of urine and sometimes even without urine. Some people may find this urge as difficult to control and some quantity of urine may pass involuntarily immediately after feeling the urge. In some cases it makes the sufferer feels as if he has not emptied his bladder even though he might have urinated few times in the day. In the beginning the urge is sudden and difficult to control but frequency of such urges may be less, but with the growth of the problem the frequency of involuntary muscle spasm increases too.

Person suffering with overactive bladder is awaked few times in the night for urinating. This problem can be in a person of any age, however it is usually associated with the growing age but it is not the normal process of ageing. The problem of loss of bladder control can be a symptom in itself for various serious underlying medical conditions like tumors in urinary bladder or persistent urinary tract infection.

Is there any natural cure for overactive bladder?

Yes, Flotrol is a clinically formulated herbal bladder control supplement to help treat overactive bladder for people of any age. It is helpful in strengthening the muscles of the bladder and improving urinary flow.

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Bladder control supplement

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